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How To Increase Your Batting 
Average By 50 Points!
Interested in increasing your player's batting average, power, and confidence at the plate? Or maybe you just want to win more games! We'll show you how in this FREE webinar!

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Mike Mordecia

Toronto Blue Jays Quality Control Coach. Played in MLB for 10 Years. Coached High School Baseball for 4 Years. Has Been A Pro Coach for 8 Years

Dr. Peter Fadde

Expert on Pitch Recognition & Head of Development at gameSense
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
How To Increase Any Players 
Batting Average & Power
Increase your players batting average by 50 points or more!
How To Become More Confident 
At The Plate
By following the proven process of hitting that has been used by Hall of Fame players & is being used in top level programs such as the Yankees, Marlins, Twins, etc. 
How To Win More Games
Win more games by using ProStride Hitting & gameSense to become a force at the plate! 
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